i have two html one which works in all browser and the other is for ie
ex 1.html (not ie) and 2.html (ie)
i added this in 1.html

!--[if IE]><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=2.html/"><![endif]-->

which works
my question is if the visitor visit the same page (2.html) and using different browser
i want to redirect back to 1.html (not ie)

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tried that but cant find a specific script
im not a programmer and it will be difficult. i think no one has done this before. The idea is the my 1.html is compatible with almost browser except ie so i made a specific html for ie (2.html) my concern is if someone share the url of 2.html it will open but not as good as 1.html so i was thinking to redirect visitors from ie going back to 1.html (not ie)

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