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Hello I am trying to make a friend request system and I have it so it displays all the friend request and at the end there is a button that says "Yes" and one that says "No"

I would like the Yes button to change "0" to "1" and No to change "0" to "2" in the friend request table.

So if you had multiple friend request I would like it to be displayed as

John Smith - [Yes] - [No]
Sam Young - [Yes] - [No]
Mary Berry - [Yes] - [No]

I would like it so you can click [yes] or [no] and it updates the table and comes back to the same page.

$friend = @mysql_query(
"SELECT * FROM p_follow
WHERE ffriend ='".$_SESSION."'
AND fuser = '".$row."'
AND fyes='0' ");

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