I am trying to install Magento in Win XP but not been installed. I tried so many times but that was erroneous. If any one can suggest the steps...
thanks in advance.

Post the error what you're getting. Actually, you need web server and MySQL for installing Magneto.

For installing Magento in Windows, there are few steps to follow and anyone can understand easily. If you have error to install, read error message carefully and follow.

You need to install EITHER one ->> Xampp, LAMP, or EasyPHP on your windowsXP environment.

If you are referring to the e-commerce platform then look at system requirements:

- http://www.magentocommerce.com/system-requirements

it works only on linux. Bye.

You're mistaken. Magento Works on any platform as long as the platform runs a webserver with PHP/MySQL

follow the steps:

1. Create an empty database in your SQL server. (remember the name)
2. Copy Magento's files onto webserver's 'htdocs'/'www' directory
3. run the installer and give proper sql credentials with database name (from step 1)
4. installation would be easy as eating a pie.

I just read system requirements on their website, check the link, bye :)

dude^ no offense but I work with magento.

and when I say you can run it on Windows, you should trust me.

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while installing magento giving "PHP extension "curl" must be loaded.Please set all required settings before clicking Continue
" error . how to resolve it. I used windows 7 ,wampserver and magento community.

hi ,
I enabled "curl" ok but now giving this error "Database connection error."

you must create a database prior to installing magento. magento DOESN'T create one for you.


jUst my humble opinion, I think it will be a lot easier to run it on xampp.

1. Download xampp from apache and friends . Select the zip file
2. Unzipped file and then move the xampp directory to your thumb drive. Unless you will be running an ffmpeg, mencoder, flvtool2, mp4box, php applications, then xampp must be installed in the c drive just like any other program. For all ecommerce and blog applications, these can run on the thumb drive. Which I think is pretty handy.

3. Explore thumb drive, and look for xampp directory.
4. Click on the xampp start.. do not close the command prompt window, while the xampp server is running.
5. Direct your browser to localhost
6. On the left column of the page click phpmyadmin.

7. On the phpmyadmin page move your cursor to the right column and look for the "database" tab, click on the "database" tab. Create a database for your magento installation.

8. After creating the database, click on the "privilege" to add new user if there is no predefined user "root" in there. Normally it has a root with ALL privileges on it already assigned. Otherwise, a new user must be created..

9. Use the database credentials to setup magento.