hi am having a small javascript trouble here pliz help out

<meta charset="utf-8">
<!-- help out pliz -->
<!-- i need javasript that wil return true when the code 12345 is entered in the input field and place an image accept.gif in the div id =jim3 or false if any other chaaracter is input and show an image denied.gif in div id=jim3 with an error allert box -->
<!--  -->
<title>javascript demo</title>

<div id=jim2 >
<form name=test id=jim action="">
	enter code <br>
    <input type="text" id=jim1> <br> 
    <input name="jim4" type="button" value="press to continue">
    <div id=jim3>

Could you at least make an attempt to write the code? Then when you get stuck ask a question that pertains to what you are stuck on.

function verify(){
   var image = new Image();
       image.src = 'path/success-image.gif';
       image.src = 'path/error-image.gif';
       alert('Error !');
   return false; // this line will prevent the form submitted

Attach the above function to your button with onclick event. Note that it was not tested and may not work. Try yourself !