Hi, sorry for reposting my question, because I wrong place at php thread before..
this is my website www.byouinternational.com
That website is a website that I make with full ajax programming.. I feel my website is quite long time loading the ajax content.. What do you think? Is it slow? Specially for the first page when you click the enter site.. Is quite long time loading.

I use background which is full screen background that strecth to the browser size. And then I call all css at the index page (enter site page). Because if not load all css at the first time, when ajax call, is looking a bit broken css like css is not finish loaded.

Please your advice for make my website faster load the content ..
Thanks very much

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you could also preload as hidden content after the first needed content is loaded

then you just use hide/show methods and it should look even faster :)


Thank you very much for the review, I think I'm happy now, every people say that's not slow :).. Thanks very much

Thank you for your advice.. I will try to make that hide n show, I will look first if that work faster or not.. Thanks for your advice :)

Thanks very much all.. :)

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