Hello! I ma trying deferent times but nothing happened in my website the frontpage dont change ...I have 3 colums i need 2 colums ,when i set nothing happend.Can i have an help please?my website is http://shqiplive.info

i set like image here


Once you have published the article, go to article manager, and make the page a featured one, this should do the trick. To make it featured, just click on the icon in the Featured column, on the same row of your article. You can also unset the default featured page, and change the orderings as required.

All my article are set in featured ,i just upgrate my joomla from 1.5 to 1.7 and all category change from ex news to -news may that is problem?

I've never updated my Joomla but if you have followed the exact instructions I doubt it could corrupt your files. Did you do any backup before updating? Could do a rollback if so. Did you follow these instructions?

Yes i upgrate all ok and all article are ok just are in subdirectory in this case iput all subdirectory see like directory too.but there is nothing happpened.in joomla 1.5 was all in 2 colums and 6 article on frontpage now i have only 4 .Can theme do it that change? or is not that the problem?

try to see with a new theme, if same then I believe problem lies elsewhere, and would be better for you to get support from the Joomla community itself