Hello I have the following code

$emailPlayers = mysql_query("SELECT players.player_email, players.Player_First_Name, players_paid.`paid_thru` FROM players_paid INNER JOIN players ON players_paid.Player_number = players.Player_number where players.Player_number like '$aDoor'", $link) or die (mysql_query());
		//grab the e-mail addresses
		while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($emailPlayers))
			echo $row['Player_First_Name'];
			echo "<br>";
			echo $row['players_paid.paid_thru'];
			echo "<br>";
			echo $row['player_email'];
			echo "<br>";

I am not able to display any information in the while loop. I was wondering if you could help me to figure this out.

Have you checked that you are getting any results from the actual query or tested that the query is working in any way (you can try echoing it as a start)?

Your echo of paid_thru should just be

echo $row['paid_thru'];

In addition to simplypixie's answer:
mysql_query results do no contain the table.column syntax. Your $row will contain player_email, Player_First_Name and paid_thru