Hi all,

I want to send big amounts of data, like a very big text with 3 Mb from an iframe to a database. For this I send the text from javascript side to JSP and from here to MySQL.

When the text is big like this the text is not sentm the send method doesn't seem to work. What is the limit size? Is there a way to go around it?

It depends on the web server you are using. For IIS I believe the default is 4MB, for Apache I believe it is 2MB. Not sure about others.

Also, yes you can increase the size.

I think I'm not doing something right. Because I'm sending the contents of an iframe about 60kb and the send fails:

var url="replaceText4.jsp";


I want to send the text that comes from an iframe, and when it is too big it fails.. I'm sending these parameters to a jsp where I get the by request.getParameter(...)