Is it possible to write a program that you can put on a webpage where a person fills out a form, and once they submit the form, it gets automatically sent to an external site? For example, I want someone to visit my webpage to review a company. After they finish typing up a review and press submit, I want the review to be submitted to a site like Yelp.com, or even multiple sites at once. Is something like this possible?

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It would be unfair to deduct a repo just because he posted in the wrong board. Everyone is a n00b first.
Wrong board.
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You must use JavaScript. This is not the correct board. Please refer to the JavaScript Forum. I think you must have confused JavaScript with Java. They're different. JavaScript is an Internet scripting language, while Java is a full-fledged programming language. You shouldn't have deducted a repo from him for that.

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Guys you could have just simply used the flag bad post button on the left side of the post to get a mod's attention to get this thread moved to the web development forum, there's no need to argue about this

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You settled it out, but why give a -1 repo to a new guy who has no idea about this?
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