I have a ASP.Net 2.0 web app in VB. I need to copy all relavant data for the current customer shown on the page from a menu action item. Then when the action has completed the copy methods, with a new Unique reference ID, I need to reload the same page with the relavant data of the new unique ID.

For instance,I have a contract for renewal. I open the contract and all the relavant data is diplayed. I select renew contract from a menu item and it calls the mehods to copy all the original data and creates a new unique contract ID. Once the copy is complete, the same page is reloaded with the new uniqueID and newly created data.

I have created all the copy procedures and fire them with the menu item. I am used to using Reponse.Redirect to open another form, but how do you re-open the same form with new information?

i didn't understand what you want but i can suggest to use response.redirect to the same page with querystring.
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That sounds like what I need, just not sure how.

Code looks like this.

Protected Sub MenuNav_MenuItemClick

  Select Case MenuNav.SelectedItem.Text

  Case "Create Renewal"
   Dim ContractID as Integer

   ContractID = GetRenewalID()

   Response.Redirect("..\frmContract.aspx", False)

End Sub

if you are on http://youdomain.com/process.aspx?id=124&param2=val2 and after the post back you want to redirect to http://youdomain.com/process.aspx?id=982&param2=val2 yu can simply use


which i believe you already know but dont wanna do....
if you dont want to hard code the page name ( process.aspx ) then you can use Request.Path which will return you the page name i.e: "/process.aspx" without any querystring parameters.... you can append the parameter values later on the way you want.