For a lack of words, I'm confused with my server at the moment. I moved an old site on ASP/Access over to ASP/SQL Server 2008 Express, and now some data appears, while other data does not. This one is an odd ball to me. I have data cells of the same type, in one table, working perfectly fine, while data in another table, same type, does not appear at all. I've checked the code on the ASP side, it seems to me that this all should work since it was working before.
Anyone have any ideas?

I used Microsoft's Access to SQL migration tool.

well without your code nor your databases, we can't help much, but what i would do is break the problem down into small prototype pages that just test very simple querys at first.

start with the datatypes that you say do show up in the updated site, to make sure that the connection string is correct and etc,

once those work try querrying a datatype that doesnt work, just one of them at the time, and figure out why it doesnt come up.

Eventually you will stumble on the solution, possibly get angry or laugh at yourself for not finding it right away , post it here and adapt it to your larger queries in the new site ! :D

i hope anyways, let me know how this goes.

Its been a while since I posted I know. I've been working on a few projects, and had set this one aside. Now the same problem has appeared on another one of my projects. Any idea why the following code would net results, while the other would be blank:

Results show:
response.write(rs("rcv_notes")) response.write("<br>") response.write(rs("rcv_repair_id")) response.write("<br>") response.write(rs("rcv_user_date")) response.write("<br>") response.write(rs("rcv_branch_id")) response.write("<br>")
Results in my data showing as expected. However for my needs this needs to be this:
rcvd_notes = rs("rcv_notes") rcvd_repair_id = rs("rcv_repair_id") rcvd_user_date = rs("rcv_user_date") rcvd_branch_id = rs("rcv_branch_id")

In my original case, I was just using:
<%= rs(rcv_notes) %>

The even more confusing part, this database table has more than 12 columns, and only these 4 don't show.