Im trying to make a social network (local based, not anything to take on other social networks) but Im not going to reinvent the wheel and make everything from scratch. Thats why Im asking if there is any CMS/library/etc to make my life easier.

Im going to use C#/ASP.NET as personally I like the .NET framework and this will give me expirence with it. Also, I dont play to put any money into the project so lets stick for now with free CMS. Of course, any paid recommendations will be considered.

The idea Id which to keep private but it is a "mouth to mouth" sort of site where things like mentioning another user will be important.

If someone could give me some CMS ideas, thanks.

(BTW, if the CMS makes designing easier, GREAT! Im not a designer, Im a programmer so design means nothing to me :P )

I like Kentico from what it looks like but going all Sharepoint might also intrest me (as all the tools are integrated).

The only other expirence I have with CMS is Magento.

was just passing by and thought of adding something which BTW is not anywhere near to an answer to your question...
I am a .net programmer myself(never got to work with a .net cms though), recently laid my hands on Wordpress and fell in love with it.. there's this wordpress plugin called 'buddypress' which gives you more or less everything that you might require in your social networking website.. just in case if you interested.. excuse me for going off the topic

Thank you for trying to help :) Better to post something than nothing at all....