Hello there.

I was wondering if anyone here could help me out of this problem :)?

So how do you retrieve a cookie?

I have try this :


(Cookie value = Computer and name user )

This is my what is inside my php


$linktosite=$myhyperlink 'search='.$_COOKIE["user"];



So is $_COOKIE["user"] right to retrive a cookie?

So when i test it, my link will only open like this :


and no cookie..

What it should be :


remmeber this is an example.

Anyway i would really appericate if someone could help me out ;)

Have you used the cookie viewer of your browser to check the cookie is being created?

Yes i have seen the cookie is created.

setcookie("user", "computer", time()+86400); did i use on my home page

this will result in the cookie value being set as computer.

setcookie("user", "computer", time()+86400);

then have this in another page that you link to, eg
have a link to redirect.php on your other pages, the save the following code as redirect.php:

$cookie = $_COOKIE['user'];
$linktosite = "www.google.com?q=$cookie";
header("location: $linktosite");