I downloaded and install sugar crm in my localhost.Inside the folder there is soap.php. when i run the file, all functions and wsdl file there.

I want to create on soap client and access the WSDL url using my localhost.

this is WSDL file URL( http:/localhost/scrm/soap.php?wsdl )

I want create_account and session using SOAP Client. How can we write the soap client php code and access this URL?

Thanks for you time. i really need this one asap.


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Thank you for your reply.

But, i want access this wsdl url not in sugarcrm applications. I want soap client code separately from sugar crm folder and access this wsdl.

Example :
In scrm folder has this WSDL file.


Client file


i just want use from this url scrm wsdl file.


It is a soap client example. There's also a note as to why he's not using the ?wsdl.

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