Hi I would like to know if I can use freeswitch with PHP for voice chat.
I have downloaded the freeswitch software But I am not getting how to configure php with freeswitch where to use this in freeswitch can voice chat application be created using php. how freeswitch is going to interact with php database

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How to Create A Simple Web-based Chat Application.
using php,jquery,ajax. I need text chat and voice chat with this


need a Web based Chat Application created in php mysql ajax. to configure it with free switch. plz help


try searching for free available services. Google is our friend..

Writing an application like this takes time. But if all you need is a raw flat file based chat script... I can probably show you how, but it is no guarantee when I could do this, because of my time constraints. I am just too busy with my schooling right now. Just hanging out here posting response on easy questions.. :)


So did I. I went to Google and found loads of good ones.


>> you need to have root access on your server..
>> Connect to your server, using Putty or depending on your OS if you are running Ubuntu as your os, just open your teminal.

>> Login using the terminal and follow the freeswitch wiki.

>> Most servers are based on linux and unix, so it will be easy for you to do it behind terminal (black box).

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