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I am using codeigniter freamwork. The following is a list of all the native rules that are available to use:

required No Returns FALSE if the form element is empty.
matches Yes Returns FALSE if the form element does not match the one in the parameter. matches[form_item]
is_unique Yes Returns FALSE if the form element is not unique to the table and field name in the parameter. is_unique[table.field]

what I need is definig my own native rule. I tried to find where codeigniter has defined above rules. but I coudnt find it.

If anybody can plz help me to find the above native rules where they are defined. or help me to define native methode.

thanks in advance.........

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You can extend the Form_validation library which is in System/Libraries or you can use callbacks: http://codeigniter.com/user_guide/libraries/form_validation.html#callbacks

To extend an existent library check at the end of this page: http://codeigniter.com/user_guide/general/creating_libraries.html

Also if you create a callback function set that public and if you don't want to be accessible from the url then place an underscore before the name of the function, example:

# if private or protected it won't work
public function _confirm($y)
        if($y == 'yes')
            return true;
            # without error message you get a notice from CI.
            $this->form_validation->set_message('_confirm', 'Value of %s is not valid.');
            return false;

In your rule then you will write:

$this->form_validation->set_rules('confirm', 'confirm checkbox', 'trim|required|exact_length[3]|xss_clean|callback__confirm');

bye :)

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