Hi all..

how can i hide the status bar url (the secret id) in IE 9... i've use this code but it still show the id on the status bar in IE 9, it's ok if i use IE 8..please help me..

<a href="list_upload.php?reqid=<?php echo $row['reqid']; ?>" title="View" onMouseOver="window.status='list_upload.php'; return true" onMouseOut="window.status=""">View</a>
<a href='*' onclick="JAVASCRIPT:window.location.href='list_upload.php?reqid=<?php echo $row['reqid']; ?>';" title="View" >View</a>

Thanks for reply "almostbob"
i've try this code but it error because no file "*".. what is the '*' actually?

pebkac error: failure to proof read <a href='#' sorry

ideally the link should be, <a name='thisname' href='#thisname' onclick="JAVASCRIPT:window.location.href='list_upload.php?reqid=<?php echo $row['reqid']; ?>';" title="View" >View</a>

  • a link with a href of # is not properly defined and defaults in most browsers to the top of the current page, (its bad html, my bad)
  • a link with a href of #name goes to the location of the element named 'name' on the current page
  • a link with a href of url#name goes to the location of the element named 'name' at the url

in the ideal case above, if javascript fails, the page stays put, and there will be no coded errors to throw browser/OS combinations into a tailspin

OMG!!! Its work!! Thank you very much sir.. :)