I installed WAMP server...

When I go to localhost iam getting this is

HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.

how to solve this

Let's start with basic questions: have you started servers (there should be an icon on the desktop i guess)? Is at least one of the index pages existing (index.htm, index.html, index.php)?

I installed WAMP server and i got the icon in my desktop..

When i click the localhost option from the WAMP icon..

Im getting that error..

I cant see the index page that contains details about the server etc etc..

You can probably start Wamp from Start | All Programs | Wamp Server | Start Wamp Server. See the link below.


There should also be an icon somewhere on the system tray showing you the status (sorry for this vague information but I haven't been using Windows for long time).

when i click the localhost from the wamp icon

i cant see the page with

SERVER configuration,tools,your projects

Have you tried Start | All Programs | Wamp Server | Start Wamp Server? Have you checked the above link?

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