hello, am currently working on a code written by an ex-colleague, which was in asp and now converted to php. I want to add the value held by a dynamic text box to the mail () function of my code:

"Email: " . $_POST['Email'] . "\n\n"
mail("email1@email.com, email2@email.com", $subject, $message, $headers);

IN the above codes, the 1st one corresponds to an email which a user will enter in a form, while in the second code section, the 2 fixed emails defined are for receiving the sent mail. I want to add the user email as well to the email list, and knowing that it will be dynamic for each user, how can I concatenate it to the list of defined mails in the second section??

PS: am somewhat new to PHP programming, so pls be a little soft on me :$

EDIT: instead of concatenating, anyone can tell me how to add it as CC or BCC instead?? I would not like to make the user see the 2 fixed emails addresses in the mail he/she will receive as a copy