Hello ppl,

I am learning PHP. I already know some programming languages, so i didnt read whole book i had, but after i read part of the book, i understood that i get the information but can not use it, so my question is-Is there any videos or books, which will show, how to make a sample website with php,html,javascrpit and css.? that will really help me.

Thanks of help :)

Try www.lynda.com if you're after video tutorials for all of the above, I found the one's they have for CSS to be quite useful.

As for books on those subjects, the only one I've read (still currently reading) is Javascript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan (5th Edition, O'Reilly Publishing), I havn't read it all yet (cuz it's rather large) but the bits I have read I've found to be quite good (beware though, some sections are aimed at people with a more advanced knowledge base).

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