hi ,

i have two table i want result in tree view.how to do it.
if i have n level question and answer then what is db design for it

thnx for any help

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what do you mean n level? Are they based around pk/fkcardid?

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So is this like a card name for the node and then sets of questions and answers?

thnx for reply
suppose a person post a question so multiple answer can be submitted or question can be a asked.

on every answer and question there parent child decided.

i need db design and guide for acciving this..

sorry for bad eng


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sorry for bad eng

Yeah well, not my first language either, but I don't understand your last comment.

Not quite sure if this is what you mean, but if the answer decides the next question, you can add a second parent id (next question id) to the child table.

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