I am using jQuery and Ajax for some areas of a site and I cannot for the life of me work out how to only submit the Ajax if the form is valid. For normal jQuery validation I am using jquery.validate.min.js like this:


This works fine.
I then have ajax functionality in some areas as such:

$('#po-login-box .login-send').click(function (e) {
            url: 'po-login.php',
            data: $('#po-login-box form.do-login').serialize() + '&action=send',
            type: 'POST',
            success: function(html) {
                if (html == 'success') {
                    $('#po-login-box #po-login').hide("fast");
                    $('#mask , .login-popup').delay(1500).fadeOut(300 , function() {
                    window.location.href = 'checkout-delivery.php';
                } else {
                    $('#po-login-box .login-error').show("fast");

Again it works fine.

Now my problem - I can't work out how to combine the 2 to ensure the form is valid before it submits (at the moment the ajax is firing regardless of what I do. I have tried using an if statement around the ajax and beforeSubmit within the ajax but neither works.

        // ajax here
}); // This gives me an error in the console

    beforeSubmit: $("#po-login-form").validate(),
    // All other ajax here
}); //This just submits the form without validating

There must be a way to do this and must be a fairly normal requirement but I can't seem to work it out or find anything online to help.

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It's OK, all sorted - I just run the two separately using the normal form validation and then my ajax and that works

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