Hi I am interseted in designing web sites but i dont want to learn 5 different scripting languages. Is it possiable to create a good working web site just by ruby and sql?

Hey, i am a website designer too, but i also have experience in PHP and ASP and others, but what i think is,
if you really newbie in Ruby, you're gonna need some time to understand, meantime if you were an ex-C/C++,PHP
deveolopper, there is no need to wait, you already a Ruby programmer.
for my case: i used Ruby not for websites, i used it for doing some network tests and its just fantastic.

Short Answer


Long Answer

Ruby is a scripting language that executes on the server-side. SQL is a language that allows Ruby to communicate with the database. In order to build working websites, however, you will also need to understand at least HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). HTML, unlike Ruby, is not a scripting language; it is a markup language. This means that it describes the data that should be displayed on the client-side.

In addition, Web Designers (though not always Web Developers) are expected to have background in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), a stylesheet language which defines how the data in an HTML document should be shown. Furthemore, you will usually need at least minor understanding with JavaScript, a (primarily) client-side scripting language usually used to modify the DOM (Document Object Model) defined in an HTML page and the rules specified in a CSS stylesheet.

In total, that is 5 languages that you would have to be familiar with:

  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

While you don't need to know all these languages to construct basic working websites, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the basis of most modern day sites on the client-side. The languages used on the server-side are much more diverse in choice. You do not have to chose Ruby and SQL, but they are certainly a possible pair to work with.

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