I can’t make the assets work with the code provided by the contributors the only way i can get my css is with a method discovered by someone else on this ciforum

<?php $this->load->helper('html'); $this->load->helper('asset'); echo link_tag(css_asset_url('default.css'));?>

and now I need a similar method or a solution to include my jquery file in the view that I am setting up.

ps:I tried all the indications form the assets none of them work is this a bug?

Thank you

I managed to solve it myself it is a bit funny because you can make it work woth the classic code
<script type="text/javascript" src="../assets/js/default.js"></script>
You can also try th base url method not tested yet by me

Hope this would help someone else as well.

base_url method is recomended by me

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