I'm not sure how this is possible but I want to enter a wildcard(?) into a php variable..

like this,

  if($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] == '*.domain.com') {
    //do something

Notice the *
I basically need it to match if its any subdomain of domain.com


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You may need to use domain matching to acheive your goal because I don't think it will work that way. Check out this post: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4278564/regex-to-match-subdomains-other-than-www

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could use strlen and strpos to do that:

echo "strlen(\$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']): ".strlen($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'])."<br/>\r\n";
echo "strlen(\$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']): ".strlen($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'])."<br/>\r\n";
echo "strpos(\$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'],'.domain.com'): ".strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'],'.domain.com')."<br/>\r\n";
echo "strlen(strpos(\$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'],'.domain.com')): ".strlen('.domain.com')."<br/>\r\n";

if(strlen($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']) == (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'],'.domain.com') + strlen('.domain.com'))){
    echo "String ends: .domain.com<br/>\r\n";

strpos might need +1 or -1 , it might miss a character off the count. Basically the first echoed number should equal the 2nd + 3rd

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