Hi guys,

Can anyone help me figure out a bug in ie9 i'm having?

I'm on a mac and using parallels to run ie9 and its a pain in the neck as I can't get firebug lite working to help debug with this.

Anyway http://test.cafemamboibiza.com/en on the right hand side beside the paris hilton video theres a 360 tour that works fine in chrome, firefox etc but not i.e. 9 and i've installed some developer bar and its telling me theres a bug in the jquery file but i've changed to a different CDN and even redownloaded the jquery file to try locally and still no joy.

Any help/pointers at all thanks!!


For anyone wondering what the problem was it's the Comment Tags <!-- around the script - remove them, they are obsolete now.

Where did you learn that?!

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