i've got a project to be done using javascript and html....i don't know how to pass the arguments from <input type="text"> to the javascript function i'm using in my program. i just want the javascript script to calculate the input given by the user and return the answer.
here is the program:

Taxi Fare
<script lang="text/javascript">
// calculates taxi fare based upon miles traveled 
// and the hour of the day in military time (0-23).
var taxiFare = function (milesTraveled, pickupTime) {
  var baseFare = 2.50;
  var costPerMile = 2.00;
  var nightSurcharge = 0.50; // 8pm to 6am, every night

  var cost = baseFare + (costPerMile * milesTraveled);

  // add the nightSurcharge to the cost if it is after 
  // 8pm or before 6am
  if (pickupTime >= 20 || pickupTime < 6) {
      cost += nightSurcharge;

  return cost;
<input type="text" onclick="taxiFare()" value="Call function">
<input type="Submit" value="OK" onclick="taxiFare()">
<input type="reset" value="Clear">
<script type="text/javascript">
document.write("Your taxi fare is ₹" + taxiFare(5,2));

pls its really urgent...i need to submit it by 2morrow.....pls it would be of great help. Thanx.

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If you add an ID attribte in that Input field, you can use this sintax in JavaScript to get the value of that input:

var valinp = document.getElementById('id_field').value;
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