Something really weird started happening in my web application. I have some buttons defined in a Master Page File and then I have a lot of pages that derive from this Master Page file. One of the buttons (In the master page file) closes the user session.

This means that this button is present in all the pages that derive from the master page. Here is the weird thing, the buttons works in all pages except for one. This page works perfectly but the button does not work. Obviously the page is deriving from the master page (checked in the code) all the design is exactly the same as the master page too.

I'm getting out of ideas, what could it be? Another thing, this specific page has a lot of javascript coding I don't know if it can be a java script problem but everything works fine.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Solved it.

It was a problem with a required field validator for another button, I just had to change the validation group.


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