i just started learning SEO and and i want to know if the are free tools to see the position(ranking ) of my website... any suggestion will be appreciated.

You'll find many if you do a search for google page rank. however, aside from page rank, which takes a while to improve for each of your pages, I would recommend that you log on to Google/webmasters/ and register the site. provide a sitemap, and start building good back links. Monitor your progress through the webmasters portal. In addition, do the same on Bing's webmaster tools. Aside from those two, I wouldnt bother submitting to any other search engine. You should also submit your site on dmoz.org

@ITG-JM , thank you 4 ur suggestions.

If you are asking for a php script to do this - It's actually against the Google terms of use to run any automated requests on their servers.


Personally i don't know why Google don't just release a site rank lookup for a particular keyword, cause however they forbid it people in SEO will always have to lookup their clients keywords and will always find ways round it.

I hear a lot of hype about a ranking tool called traffic travis http://www.traffictravis.com/ it limits requests to a certain speed so doesnt put too much pressure onto Google, it basically just does what you would have to do to find out your keyword rank yourself, plus its free to use for a limited amount of keywords.

Like i say though, it's against google terms of use to use automated requests, respect their wishes and don't go overboard with it.

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