OK. I'm learning. I have a side bar with pseudo links(no a tags)ul li elements that automate httprequests nicely. They call different db tables to a display div on the index page. Right now the tables are small and a javascript function deliniates the last row echoed as 'Last Item' in the HTML div that recieves the responseText. Now if the db table queried has more than 20 rows or the limit I would like the client to be able to click 'Last item' span tag to recieve the next rows in the db table and if there are no more rows in that table act as though the next 'li' or 'ul li' element was clicked. I presume that an array of the 'li' elements called 'products' should be created and that next sibling of that array can make the next httprequest when the 'Last item' span is clicked on. How to test for the limit of rows and ensure the correct response in that array is the problem.
Any advice or direction greatly appreciated! This maybe an Ajax or Dhtml question?