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I'm creating a login system using php and mysql. Ok, I'm wondering if it is possible that I can utilize it as window login system .. That means.. window Login system using web application. Which also means, When I first boot up and before people can access the desktop.. first thing first ... and web browser will pop out with a login page...
is this possible?

p/s: I know this is nothing to do with php question ... but maybe you guys have any idea.. other than uisng java desktop application ... Thanks :)

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Yes, you can replace the windows login with something else, but AFAIK it has to be a desktop application. Problem with the webbrowser is that that login code is running on the server, and not on your local machine. It can't interact with the login service of your machine.


You can certainly NOT set a Windows password (no protection), and set a macro to run on startup to open a browser window with a certain address. I can't see how you can force the browser to hijack your system though - i.e. lock you out.

php has a little malformed brother called gtk (php-gtk). This should run in the OS. I could never get it to work properly. I think by-passing MS's security would be a mistake though.

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