please how can import just one SCROLLING for all page same this

<frameset  NORESIZE SCROLLING=yes rows="33%,60%">

<frame  SCROLLING=no NORESIZE src="bannar.php" name="up">

<frameset FRAMEBORDER=NO  cols="10%,80%,10%">

<frame   NORESIZE src="" >
<frame   SCROLLING=no NORESIZE  src="home.php" name="down" >
<frame    NORESIZE src="accounts_page.php" name="account" >



please help me

First, I'm wondering why you're using frames? If you're wanting to have consistent banner and navigation portions of the page without having to write it into each page, just use php's include_once() statement. You're page (say index.php) may then look something like this:

<div style="width:1000px;margin:auto;border:1px solid black;">
    <div><?php include_once('banner.php'); ?>&nbsp;</div>
    <table style="border-collapse:collapse;">
        <tr><td style="padding:0px;width:100px;border:1px solid black;">&nbsp;</td>
            <td style="padding:0px;width:800px;border:1px solid black;"><?php include_once('home.php');?></td>
            <td style="padding:0px;width:100px;border:1px solid black;"><?php include_once('accounts_page.php');?></td>
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Using divs (or html5 equivalent bits) along with CSS should be the way to go. I would avoid producing layout with tables and frames.