I am using CKEDITOR on my website so that people dont have to write in html to post their articles. But I want to keep the website size as low as possible. Since my website overall is just over 3MB but CKEDITOR has more than 8MB. How can either reduce size of CKeditor or is there a more lighter alternative?

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If you delete sample and source folder from ckeditor almost 3.5+ size will be reduced.
There is no use of these 2 folder.


NicEdit - seems light but never used it



I've tried the other two and they seem OK. However, I usually use CKEditor these days - as mentioned - it doesn't have to be BIG.There are plenty of comparison sites for online wysiwyg editors, but you may need to go to the individual sites and download the packages to see the actual size for yourself.
Is space that much of an issue for you? A few megs shouldn't do you too much harm should it? After stripping images and docs from samples and documentation and any plugins not required, it shouldn't be that much.


I am currently using Cleditor. It's pretty light 1 js file, one css file, and two images, a total bandwidth consumption of less than 10k.

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