Hi People,

Got a php related issue..

I have a form Which has some textboxes, few checkoxes and a Textarea.

Say for example,




And then the checkbox values.......

Hobbies (Reading, Trekking, Gardening, Outdoor Sports, Birding)

Once I click the submit button, All my data gets inserted in the database. I'm storing the checkbox value as a string in the Hobbies column in the database.

Now I wanna retreive my data, for this I'm showing my stored data in tabular format and corresponding to each row is an EDIT link.

Once I click the EDIT link....... The same form gets displayed, but all the set of values of that particulr row gets popped up in those textboxes. I can then Edit it and after clicking submit my data gets updated in the database.

Problem is with checkbox.

Say, while filling the form, I had selected

Name: Albert

Email: albert@yahho.com

Address: USA

and from Hobbies only Reading and Trekking were checked and submitted.

Now when I click on Edit link. I waana retreive the stored data from database and pop it into respective textbox. That is working fine. Problem is I wanna display all the checkbox values but only Reading and Birding as checked, since these 2 values were checked at the time of form submit.

I hope I'm clear.

Sorry for the lengthy post.


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well if your database has a row for each checkbox value, then you could just use the if statement:

if(!isset($row['hobbies']) == NULL) {
    echo "<input id='hobbies' type='checkbox' value='Hobbies'>";
} else {
    echo "<input id='hobbies' type='checkbox' value='Hobbies' checked='checked' />";

Dont know if this helps, but its a start.


Thanx Sir, for your reply...

Actualy I'm using implode to convert my data into a string and then storing it in the database.

Now when I wanna recover the checkbox values, I wanted it in the checkbox format in the front end..... With only those checkbox values checked...which were earlier checked and submitted....

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