I want to develop a website that source all the prices of a particular item in town. For example the user log on to my website and he/she want to know the cheapest supermarket in town which sell bread. The user the type in "bread" in the search bar on a list of supermarkets comes up with price associated with the bread. Maybe contact number and location as well.

Can u guys refer me to a sample template of that nature or explain to me how that can be done


The closest thing I could find is http://groceryguide.com/ . To build a site such as this, you need to learn how to parse webpages, rss feed, and maybe xml file.

For example, you can send your parsing spider to Albertson's to get the weekly sale, you can then save the collected data in your database. Your spider should be run by cron on the day that the weekly specials are published by the stores in your area.

Some stores don't have a website, if this the case the items should be inputted manually.. For the location, you can integrate the google maps API to show the loation and direction to the store from your visitor's IP location.

Again, it is a theory at this point, but it can be done in PHP. Expect to spend about 45 days for this project...