Hello all you guys,

First of all, i am done with Html and CSS as i said in the article title. Now i want to learn a language like PHP, Coldfusion, .Net etc. to make dynamic web sites. According to what i have heard from my friends, php is the most common one, but coldfusion is so new, yet better in techlogy. What do you think about these languores ?

Note: Now i am in a dilemma between php and coldfusion.

Use PHP it's much easier and cheaper to deploy than Coldfusion, as coldfusion servers tend to be more expensive.

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CF hosting will cost something in the region of 4x cost of PHP hosting (when I last looked for comparisons). Perhaps you may find some cheaper or equivalent deals.

I can't say much about CF, but php is easy - maybe too easy - and this is both a strength and a weakness. You can get quick results, but it is very forgiving and you can get into very very bad coding habits.

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From a cost perspective, PHP is the way to go. Support is also widely available. I myself, prefer ASP.NET only because I have invested many years. However, I do see the advantage of PHP especially if you are at the point of just getting into server side scripting.

I would also agree that Coldfusion may not be the best option for most scenarios. Again, if you are just about to get into this area, I would suggest PHP.

Is there anybody else who can advice me ? 

You can learn php, and have millions of potential clients, develop with free software, make use of millions of other developer's input and work
You can learn coldfusion, but there are limited clients, limited hosts with cf support, and expense in purchasing the software, and the licenses for distribution
You can learn asp, and attempt to break into a closed shop of MS contracts, and expense in purchasing the software, and the licenses for distribution
You can learn jsp but there are limited clients, and expense in purchasing the software, and the licenses for distribution

Acoording to almostbob's comment, i shold definitely learn PHP. Thanks man :) 

Disclaimer! I really don't know how to code in cold fusion. I was never and will probably not learn it. However, besides PHP, I know how to code in C++, C#, C, python, ruby, a little of PERL, and some robotics programming in ROM. I spent most of my time writing and experimenting with OOP PHP for calculator applications ( I have this vision that PHP can be use as Accounting program , and probably will be able to do a better job in a more complex mathematical applications. The reason I have this pretty ambitious vision is that PHP is FREE and can be extend for whatever module we want to add into it.). The language is just too easy for anyone to replicate any applications.

So pretty much, what I am going to tell you here is a one sided point of views, which is not fair for the cold fusion community. I have no intensions of pursuading anyone, NOR claiming that PHP is an ultimate holy grail in web programming.

Learn PHP, because it is the commonly use language in developement. Web developers has been pretty sucessful using php in cms, forum, shopping cart system, video sharing websites, blog e.g. wordpress. There are many stable frameworks developed for PHP e.g. cake, zend, codeIgniter, and many others. There are many extensible templating systems solely intended for the use of PHP developer.

PHP can also carry out an exec, or shell exec right from the script itself. PHP has a well tested support in media applications like ffmpeg php. Think about encoding a video file to MP4, flv, oog, mp3, and many other derivatiives of media codecs. It will even encode DiVX videos if you want it too (of course it requires specialized server settings) . How about the ability of php to inject video and audio metadata (flvtool2 is executed here). These can also be achieved by other programming language, but the overhead and learning curve is just too much for the people just starting to write codes.

PHP can also be turn on and off anywhere in your script.. example..

       ## do some php codes here

       <!-- do some html here -->


       ## back in php again.
       ## how about execute a shell exec command 

       <!--  we can go back to html mode if we want, even the above exec command is still goin on in the background.-->
       <b> Please wait your video is currently being processed</b>

If those capabilites and extensibilities of php I already mentioned above, does not convinced you, then maybe try out the cold fusion for a while.