i have a upload.php page where user can upload images to database.
now i want to create gallery.php. where  who ever is loged in can view all his photos from database.
here is my struct for my gallery.php file

(1)at top there is going to be menu and random text, titles...etc  (already done)
(2)here i want to display all his photos backwards from database. so newest image is at top.
   when displaying i want to have 4 cols and infinity # of rows. note. there is no next or pre button. all one pages
(3)some random text here(already done)

for step (2)
(2.1)i would have to read from image database and get a image i have a get.php file to do this 

    /*Get image from database. */

    $user_id = $_SESSION['user_id']; 

    $image = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM image WHERE user_id = $user_id ORDER BY image_id DESC");
    $image = mysql_fetch_assoc($image); //get access to image table
    $image = $image['image'];
    echo base64_decode($image); 

(2.2)after that i need to create table with  4 cols and  infinity # of rows.       // I DONT NOW HOW TO DO THIS PART
 i guess i will have a html table with 4 cols but how to put infinity #of rows.

(2.3) print them to html table? starting from last image_id.                        //Also need help

-i guess i will a some kind of while loo?
while(there are no images left)


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Here's one way to print a table with four columns and however many rows you need:

echo '<table>'; // Your table
echo '<tr>'; // first table row

$count = 0;
while($image = mysql_fetch_assoc($image_result))
    // Output your image here in a <td> etc

    if($count == 4)
        echo '</tr><tr>'; // Start a new row at 4 cells
        $count = 0;

echo '</tr>';
echo '</table>';

Hope this helps

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