Hi everybody,
i asked many times.but i cannot get expected result.so i asked agian.
anybody plz help me.

this code,did not display fancy box.the requested content cannot be loaded message display.
i created planmate url.


             $('#planbook-content').bind('click',function() {
                     type :"post",
                     url :   $("#planbook_planmate"),

                     data :{title_name:'title_name',}
                     success:function(data) {



user click the this plan that time display fancybox with plan.
     <p><div id="planbook-content" class="float" >

    <a  href="<?php echo url_for("@planbook_planmate") ?>" onclick="add_function()" >musttry</a>

                     <div><img src="/uploads/planbook/<?php echo $planbook['photo'] ?>" alt="" /></div>

                            <span class="field-label"> Title: <?php echo $planbook['title_name'] ?></span></div></br>

                              Country: <?php echo $planbook['country_id'] ?></span><br /></td></tr>

     <span class="field-label">Area: <?php echo $planbook['zone_id'] ?></span><br /></div>
     <span class="field-label">Place: <?php echo $planbook['place'] ?></span><br /></div>
     <div><span class="field-label">Occasion: <?php echo $planbook['occasion'] ?></span></div>
    <div> <span class="field-label">Itinerary: <?php echo $planbook['itinerary'] ?></span><br /></div>
     <div><span class="field-label">Date: <?php echo $planbook['date'] ?></span><br></div>
    <div><span class="field-label">Description: <?php echo $planbook['description'] ?></span><br /></div>

     endforeach ?>

I think url expect a string. $("#planbook_planmate") returns an object.

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