Hi. I have been working on a project that displays data in an XML file. (It's kind of like an API). I know how to parse XML with PHP, and how to make an XML file in PHP, but they don't work together. :)

Basically, I have two files: parse.php and xml.php.

xml.php grabs info from a MySQL database, and outputs it as XML.

parse.php loads and parses xml.php and outputs it as HTML.

If I run parse.php, it does not load xml.php. However, if I copy the outputted XML (from xml.php) and save it as a xml.xml file (and change the filename in parse.php to 'xml.xml') it works. I'd really appreciate any help.

Content of parse.php:


    $doc = "xml.php";

    $doc = @simplexml_load_file($doc) or die("Server Error: Recipe not found!");

    $title = $doc->title;

    echo $title


Content of xml.php:


    header("Content-type: text/xml");

    $dbc = mysql... //gets data from database

    echo "<!DOCTYPE..."; //xml stuff here

    echo "<title>" . $dataFromMySQL . "</title>";


The database connection works, and the DOCTYPE in the XML is ok, so that's not the problem.

Again, I only get the problem when I generate XML dynamically using PHP. If it's a .XML file, it works fine.

Can anyone help me?


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That's because it is loading the actual xml.php file and not it's output. What you could do, is use cUrl to open and process xml.php and capture the output for processing.

you could make use of ajax, just echo the xml information then do whatever you want to do with the xml data

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