I've just started php and mysql.trying this code to check if mysql account is correct or not.


echo ' body tag, other things and a message: Logging in! '; echo $usr;

$connection = myqsl_connect('localhost',$usr,$psw);
if (!$connection){
    die('<p>Stopped : ' . mysql_error());
    echo '<br /><a href="index.html">Retry</a></p>';
else echo '<p>Logged on!<br /><a href="something.php">Continue</a></p>';
//planning to add mysql_close($connection) here

page has nothing else but the endings of tags started in first "echo" and some <head></head> configuraiton. code is between </head> and </body> tags. (it includes the <body> tag in an "echo"). this writes no output from the if - else statement; but rest of the html and css is shown. post variables can be seen when I write them to page with echo. please help. thx.

I believe in line 7, u mean mysql_connect.... right!

excuse me for that:) I was too tired, learning css, html, php and mysql alltogether... i've skipped that..