I add dropdown list in the form, connect with gridviev1 from table1. But I have 4 tables. I have 4 values in the drop down list.

1 when check value 1 show table1

2 when check value 2 show table2

3 when check value 3 show table3

4 when check value 4 show table4

Where I could find the code? tnx

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Its going to be challenging to provide you with actual code based on your description. If I understand what you want is to show data from a specific table depending on the value of the dropdown item that is selected. You should be able to do this from the code-behind (event will depend on if you want to capture the item on post back, or will you require the user to click on a submit button, etc.).

For help with asp.net, I always recommend that people start by accessing Microsoft's official site: http://asp.net

Thanks for replay but I couldn't realise that. I tried to find apropriate tutorial or something like that, but I couldn't find. Could you send me link with solution for my problem? thank you

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