Does anyone know of a function that can check all or uncheck all checkboxes with one click barring in mind i have multiple forms on one page.

function checkAll(formName, status){
for (i = 0; i < formName.length; i++)
formName[i].checked = status.checked? true:false

I have tried the above it works fine with one form and when there are only one choice to check all but i have multiple checkbox fields on this form.

Thank you

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Did you want this action for only one of the forms on the page?
If not, perhaps just have the default setting to be checked or unchecked; then reload the page when you want the checkboxes to return to their default state.

Alternately, you might have to write a custom function that checks or unchecks the particular form you want affected.

Yes I want a function to be able to use on different field sets.
I guess I will spend a week doing it javascript is not my speciality I hate it.

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