Hi all,

I just started joomla module writing (1.5 version). I have some knoweledge about this module writing now. problem is I want to select country name from a one module and load country flag in another module.which second module is in another region(or div). I know only to handle a module that is get data from database , rendering them, do operations on module and etc. In this issue two modules are communicate!

so please someone give me a hint to continue this.

thx in advance............

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I'm not clear what you're saying. You want to show the country flag when the country was changed ? Can't it be done with Javascript or jQuery with 'onchange' event to that country selector ? Your question rarely related with the client-side, not server-side.

ok I fixed this as usual what i did is , put a form and set to the actioni to current page and catch the variable from GET array. I didnt think this works in joomla. so far it does as usual php :)

Solved ? Mark it as Solved then.

there is no option to do this

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