I am learning jQuery from Head First jQuery. But first they have asked me to install Apache, PHP and MySQL(in that order). Apache is successful. Up and running. Version 2.2.22 of Apache for Windows XP. I downloaded php-5.2.17-Win32-VC6-x86.msi(file name) and installed. Successful. So just to make sure php was working, I typed this code and saved it as info.php in my htdocs folder(C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs):-

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

When I type localhost/info.php in the url bar, it simply shows the text <?php phpinfo(); ?>. What is wrong?

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Is it possible for you to just install xampp or something similar like easyphp? By going this route, you save yourself a million times of troubles, and you can focus more on coding in php than focusing on what are the missing dll files in your operating system.

Either one of my recommendations above, will function as a server out of the box, and you can run pretty much all php scripts on these servers.

Also, XAMPP.

Getting an apache/mysql/php setup working right on Windows can be extremely frustrating.

So will WampServer/XAMPP do the same the things as Apache/PHP/MySQL? As long as that is true I can try it.

Thats what they are: Apache/PHP/MySQL.

And also I saw XAMPP, it comes with Apache and php. does that mean i need to delete my current apache and php installation?

Remove previous installation. Uninstall or remove at "add/remove programs".

Remove your previous Apache installation is better. Otherwise, you may have port conflict which XAMPP/WAMPP use port 80 for HTTP and your previous Apache service also. So, uninstall your previous Apache and install XAMPP/WAMPP package. They already built-in with PHP, Apache, MySQL, FTP and so on. Note that if your PC already installed IIS and it's running, then, you need to stop IIS first before running XAMPP/WAMPP coz IIS also use port 80.

i've uninstalled php.

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