hey guyz I'm new to web development just makeing site for my dad's office...doing just by goggleing n sites like dis...
its my product page displays wht we sell on clicking an product a page opens giving details about dat product...
but its getting around 70-80 pages....is it possible to make one such page but wen clicked on product d product detail wil display...
some thing like visible...please help...

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Yes, this can be done in as little as one page, but normally two. You will not be able to accomplish this with HTML alone. The easiest way is to pick a server side scripting language such as PHP, ASP.net, ASP, JSP, etc. You also need a database (MSSQL, MySQL, etc...).

On the products page, you click on an item and in that redirection, you send the information in the querystring...

For example, www.mydomain.com/index.aspx?product=1234.

ON the receiving page, you read the query string and build the results.


can u give me an example code...of it...or whts its called...so dat i can google...it...

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Examples will depend on the programming language you choose. Some web development apps such as Dreamweaver, or Visual Studio help make it easier for you to drag/drop controls and develop the pages. For example, if you are interested in asp.net with VB.NET as the server side scripting, you can visit their official site for guides, tutorials, videos, samples, etc... http://asp.net

If you are interested in PHP, then they have a site as well. http://php.net

What you choose depends on what you want to learn and where you will host the web site.


like in database the imagefile loc and other detail should be stored and using sql command accessing that...
and formatting using css...

<img src="db.getString(1)">....

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