I have got an image at the top of my page, in the div logindisplay container.
in design view it looks alright but when i preview it in the browser it doesn't!

how do i get it to display correctly?
I am really new to asp.net so I imagine that it is something obvious.

I've attached to pictures to give you a cleared idea of what i'm on about!


Thanks for any help!!


Hello Lain,

Its not really that obvious so no worries... This isn't an asp.net issue. As you have experienced, what you see in the designer view doesnt really match what you may see in the browser. In addition, you should be aware that depending on the styles you use, you have slight differences across different browsers.

If you are interested in developing web sites, you may want to strengthen your HTML and CSS skills. You'll find that as you develop those skills, you will not need to depend on the Visual Sudio designer tab and focus more on the source tab.

There are quite a bit of online tutorials for HTML and CSS that you can refer to.

In any case, if you are trying to fix the alignmnet issue, you can apply the position + top + right style properties so you can get the div in the correct location. It may also help to create an "outer div" if you want to center your content in the middle of the page. This outer div can be styled with {width:##px;margin:0px auto;}.

Hello Thanks,
I have got it sorted out now!
But you are right i need to get my head around HTML and CSS!!