Why my javascript menu is structing after 5 minutes (measn the drop down menu is not coming ). For that i need to referesh the whole page that page is in jsp. Can anyone help me to overcome from this problem. below is the sample code

<td WIDTH=150 onmouseover="awgMnBSpmc('awgMnBSpma0',1);awgMnBSpmd('awgMnBSpm11','awgMnBSpma0');" onmouseout="awgMnBSpmc('awgMnBSpma0',0);awgMnBSpme('awgMnBSpm11');" id='awgMnBSpma0'  bgcolor="#94C9C9" class="awgMnBSpm7" style="color:#000000; font-family:Times NewRoman, Arial,Verdana,Tahoma; font-size:12px;">
    <div id='awgMnBSpm11aWGmnbSPMaaa' class='awgMnBSpm5'>
        Report Name<img width="8" height="8" src="./arrowdown_black.gif" align="texttop" border="0" />

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No reply..... :(

Can you perhaps explain a bit more as to what happens.

You can do a dropdown with jquery or by using css you can find many tutorials on google for this

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