I need code for iframe for the replacement of frameset.
My frameset code is
<frameset rows="14%,*">
<frame src="logout.html" scrolling=no>
<frameset cols="25%,75%">
<frame src="Players Name.html">
<frame src="Dhoni.html" name="secondframe">

I need it in iframe. I cant able to nest iframe which i did in frameset. Is it possible to write code on iframe. As I have heard that iframe is advanced one for frameset. Please tell me what I need to do for this.

Question: Why do you need to use a frameset/iframe? Those are some quite obsolete methods that can now be replaced by client running processes, like javascript or ajax. There are only so many cases where you actually need to use iframes.

If this is so the case, you can always nest the iframe from inside the first document you are loading. That is: the first page loads a page in an iframe that also loads a page in an iframe.

I would also tend to agree that you should consider not using obselete elements. Eventually, these elements will be deprecated.