We all know how to open a mailbox using imap_open. Here the problem is i'm creating a maill system here. I'm not able to find to create a mail account with imap/pop3 in php. Is it is possible ?

Assume suppose my domain is www.studentmug.com. I want to create a mail for another user with out using cPanel. Ex:- radhakrishna@studentmug.com. I'm not finding any script for it. could any one got this problem ?

Thanks in advanse.

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I think that what to change is the line 21:
print $xmlapi->api1_query($account, "Email", "addpop", array($email_user, $email_password, $email_quota, $email_domain) );

But how...


my hosting provider does allows me to create email id's for sub domain, i.e: i can create info@demo.mydomain.com. So yea you just have to change $email_domain variables value and set it to your subdomain name.


yes its fast.. creating email account is seamless with rest of your code execution, doesn't take much time and appears normal

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