Not sure if this is in the right forum because I didn't really know where else to ask this, but I need some help with my site.

Version of apache on my site: 2.2.17 //not sure if this helps people answer my question or not

The problem I'm having is this: I have a folder on my site where the url is exactly ""
You can go to it and it works just fine, no 404 error, but if you change the capitalization to something like "" it will show up with a 404 error.

I don't know if that can even be fixed, I tried editing the .htaccess file but still have no clue what to do.

Does anyone know how to fix this please?

-Riley Galloway


If the OS of your web server is a linux-based so it's normally that your 2nd url show a 404 error because urls are Case Sensitive in this type of os.

Is there any way that I could change this?
Or is this not possible?

I dont think so ;) try to use always lowercase urls and it's better for SEO.

You should most definately pay attention to this and redirect to lowercase URLs. This is to ensure: 1) that you do not generate 404 errrors when someone posts a link with CAPs.
2) in general, other web servers are not case sensitive so this doesn't apply to you today,, but you want to ensure that you do not have variations in your URL. Search engines will see each URL as a unique URL so you won't benefit with regard to page rank since you will be splitting the values among multiple pages.

Unfortunately, I can't help with .htaccess. I know the IIS Urlrewrite module. I am certain that this is important and you should not set this aside.

GAH, well thanks for your input anyways, I really appreciate it.